Coco's Life


The Book Review



In Japan, students have to do their homework during summer vacation. There is a lot of homework to do, and one of the homework that worries students the most is the book review. Most of them hate writing that kind of homework because it takes a lot of time to write. However, teachers make them submit the review at the end of the summer vacation every year. When I was in school, I hated that kind of homework but I had no choice but to write the review.


One of my students read a book about the Hakone-Tokyo intercollegiate long-distance relay race to write her book review. She got in trouble with the homework because she didn’t know how to write the review. So I advised her to write about her experience, and not to write about the contents and summary of the book. She followed my advice and managed to write it. It took her about two weeks to complete her review. After she finished writing, I read the review and found it excellent.


The second semester has started since September 2. As soon as she came to my cram school, she said to me that her teacher would submit her book review to a contest. She looked so pleased and I was proud of her.